Monday, March 23, 2015

Pleasure in the familiar.

Taking pleasure in the familiar is something that I need to do when life is full of uncertainty. For whatever reason it seems that a lot of things are on the verge of change in my life right now. I am wrapping up my B.S. and trying to decide on graduate school. We are moving soon and looking for a new home, packing and purging is always a treat (not really) but I have to look at the positive. Purging means less stuff to carry with us into our new home. But the process of purging can be daunting. My work life is also in flux. I am making the best of the situation and opening myself up to new opportunities.

With all of this change and uncertainly I rely on what I am familiar with to soothe my soul. For some people it's music, a massage or a mind trip into a new book. I enjoy getting dirty... with dirt. I know with out a doubt that if I plant a seed it will bloom. Spring will always come, tulips will bloom and our California hillsides will be bright orange with poppies. They are familiar and predictable, when life is not.

I took a break from packing, moving boxes, homework and cleaning this weekend to create a little succulent garden. This is peace to me. It's familiar. It's home.

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