Thursday, December 13, 2012

RED Project, #3 Colibri

Red Series #3 


 3x3 inches mixed media on cardstock. (ink, pencil, red, watercolor and acrylic paint)
Available now in my Ebay store.  auction ends: (Dec 20, 2012 10:42:32 PST)

In the Aztec culture it believed that warriors who died in battle came back as hummingbird. To the Taino Indians of Puerto Rico the hummingbird is a sacred animal, honored for its role as pollinator and creator of new life. To the Arawak Indians of Jamaica it is believed that hummingbirds were the spirits of the dead.To the Hopi and Zuni Culture of the American Southwest myths tell the story of how the hummingbird brought rain from the gods to help humans. Potters often decorate water jugs with images of hummingbirds. For the Haida Nation of the Northwest coast, the hummingbird, known as Sah Sen, is a symbol of good luck and joy.


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