Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Los Pollitos Dicen, Pio Pio Pio (RED Project #8)

Red Project, #8 "Pio Pio Pio"

Los Pollitos Dicen, Pio Pio Pio

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Was thinking about my kiddos today as they are all no longer little kids... and how blessed I am to have watched them grow into young adults.  They are 24, 20 and the youngest a preteen (sigh). We were talking the other day about Christmas carols and how all the ones they learned growing up were in Spanish. The girls are gonna sing them for Christmas this year. (At least I hope they do) I miss them as babies and when we used to sing songs. This is one of them that goes along with this little ink drawing. 

Los Pollitos Dicen
Los pollitos dicen, pio, pio, pio,
cuando tienen hambre
cuando tienen frio.

La gallina busca,
el maiz y el trigo,
les da la comida,
y les presta abrigo.

Bajo sus dos alas,
duermen los pollitos,
hasta el otro dia.

 Repeat all verses.

Cuando se levantan,
dicen mamacita,
tengo mucha hambre,
dame lombricitas.

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