Friday, April 09, 2010

In the lil studio....

It's officially Spring and I have been busy trying to clean and straighten things out in my house. Doing some serious nesting, renesting type things. Finally got some chairs for our dining room we've been without chairs for 2 years. I hope this means no more meals in front of the tv and more family meals together. I also cleaned out Timmy's old bedroom and set it up as my new studio. (I've left room for a bed if he decides to come home)

I'm hoping that as I wrap up the spring cleaning my inspiration to create new art will return. It seems that when things are chaotic my creativity just goes out the window. Here's to welcoming creative energy back into my life.

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Cris Melo, said...

I saved 2 of these pics b/c they show my artwork that you own. Hope it's ok. I love your place!