Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Virgen of Solitude thanks for inspiring me today....

I was recently commissioned to create a painting of la Virgen de la Paz and I've yet to complete it. I have the image in my head and some sketches ready to go. But my commissions to my family, work and parents have taken over most of my free time. I love my family and so free time to paint becomes this valuable commodity. It's the never ending stuggle for artists moms I think. Finding time to do what you love whether it be painting, reading, writing or just napping. As moms we give so much sometimes we need to stop and give to ourselves. Feed your soul otherwise you'll be useless to the others that depend on you. So on this my lunch hour... I can sometimes dream and find inspiration for what I will create with my paints when time is on my side...(or cloning becomes legal).

To the virgen of solitude... thanks for inspiring me today. And for those that can afford her she's available on 1stdibs... one of my favorite sites to internet window shop.

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