Sunday, October 19, 2008

What New at ABLA? Art by Latina Artists

What's new at ABLA?

Artwork in Scrolling Marquee : Saide Garcia
  • October/November Featured Artist: Lupe Flores, visit her virtual gallery and come watch her deadly live painting video!

  • Deadlies: Dia De Los Muertos Virtual Exhibition: Arte by Lupe Flores, Simone Guimaraes, Amparo Ochoa, Julie Zarate, Lupe Posada, Cristal Rivera, Stephanie Guajardo, Denise Garcia (Saide), Sally Ann Rodriguez, Maria Sanchez. October through November 2008.

  • Featured Indie Designer Jenny Treviño-Blanquet of Treviño-Blanquet Glass Art
    Intricately designed glass art with a muerto twist!
    Now available in our Etsy Store.

  • Keep up with the latest Artist happenings ...join the New ArteAbla network on!

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