Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The painting continues...

So I've had some time these past few days to paint. I'm enjoying myself exploring a new direction. So tonight I painted this little portrait.

If anything it is good practice and fun to see what happens as a painting develops. This painting actually started out a nude but Erika was like, "mom put some clothes on her... her bubbies look too fake" and "add an earring".

Haven't decided what to call her just yet.

8x10 inches
Acrylics on canvas
sides are finished in black

This second one I did yesterday. I took a day off from work (my day job) to get some things done at home. But instead I ended up painting and spending time with Sarah after school. We don't always get to hang out. We went to the art store, I picked out some new colors, she bought some sculpy clay.

Title: Desnuda
Acrylic on Canvas
8x10 inches
sides are finished in black

She is available on Ebay this week.

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