Thursday, August 02, 2007

Just Breathe

9x12 inches
Mixed Media (acrylics, oil pastels, pencil)

This was one I sat down to paint last night.
I've not done too many nude paintings (ever) but I do enjoy painting them. Will probably do more going forward. This is not really a self-portrait (doesn't look like me at all) but simply meant to convey how I've felt. I guess these past few weeks I've been looking back at different things.... kind of a time of reflection and looking at various aspects of my life (spiritual, mental, physical, etc). My birthday is also coming up ... so naturally every year around this time I stop and look back at the year that just past and savor all of the memories.

As I look at this painting again... I'm still trying to figure out why the long neck, but I'm guessing because of the way I've felt physically lately. My asthma has been a bit out of control and so it's felt like the air is constricted in my throat ... and taking forever to get to my lungs. Which also explains why I am grasping my lungs/chest. My lungs have been working extra hard to get the air flow where it needs to be. I'm finally starting to breathe normal again.... I really hate having to think about each breath I take, when most people don't even give it a second thought. If you've ever experienced being completely out of breath you know what I mean. It weighs you down physically no matter how hard you try. Why red... because it is an intense feeling.

Anyhow this is how I interpret this painting. ... I'm curious to see what other people see.

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