Monday, July 02, 2007

I got into Harvard!

Well not really, but I did get into the Harvard Journal of Hispanic Policy. My Viejitas painting which was one of my first paintings is featured in Volume 19 of the Journal.

"For the first time in the journal’s twenty-one-year history, the HJHP dives into the art world and features the paintings of three Latina/o artists living in the US. " My painting is featured along with two other artists Mario Gee Lopez, and Graciela Horne Nardi.
This volume also features candid interviews with Jorge Ramos, Univision journalist and television anchorman, Speaker of the California State Assembly Fabian Núñez, and Antonia Hernández, former MALDEF general counsel and current president and CEO of the California Community Foundation.

Other contributors to this volume include, Eugene E. García and Bryant Jensen of Arizona State University; Sonia Y. Ruiz, Sandra Rodriguez, and Glendelia M. Zavalia of MANA, and Laura R. Rochet of the Indiana University School of Law.

"Commentaries in this volume explore a number of current policy issues, such as the impacts of a recent anti-affirmative action referendum in Illinois. Khaled Beydoun of the ACLU of Michigan, Ernesto Nieto Founder and President of the National Hispanic Institute, and Center for the New Economy’s Miguel A. Soto-Class and Deepak Lamba-Nieves join us in this volume. "

I received my copy in the mail over the weekend and was just so happy see the painting that I dedicated to my father in print. In a Harvard journal how crazy is that?

Interesting how this happened. I had been contacted by the editor months ago asking for recommendations from the ABLA website. So I did I sent them names, websites, etc and then I get an email saying. "Maria aren't you an artist ? send us some of your artwork too." (minor detail that I failed to mention, I guess because when people ask me to recommend an artist, I automatically think of other artists that I really like, not myself. ) So I did and kind of forgot about it for a while. Long story short they selected my Viejitas painting . I feel very honored to be in the journal and am thankful to the editor. Mil gracias!

If you'd like to order a copy click on the this link.

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