Saturday, February 24, 2007


A new painting called "Rojo". All the trees in my yard are looking like this. Very sculptural, no leaves just the branches. We have a japanese maple with red branches (my inspiration for this painting). So that's why this one is called "Rojo". It's a little different than what I usually paint, but the process of painting this tree is really relaxing. Everything from spreading the plaster to defining the tiny branches. So much so that I've been painting trees like crazy this week. This one actually reminds me of red sea coral. All of the trees paintings will be up on Ebay this week.

Title: "Rojo"
Measures 6x6 inches on hardboard panel, acrylic and thickly gessoed for added texture.

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BG said...

Hey Toni! I've found myself drawing and paintings a lot of those leaf-less trees lately. It's funny how so much of the time we can't escape what surrounds us. I have like 2 of these paintings I haven't finished and just so many pictures with silhouettes and all!

I loved your blue Frida :)