Sunday, July 16, 2006

hand made books ... a new medium for me

I've been away from the blog since June. I've been enjoying summer and also taking 2 classes at the Academy. It's a summer quarter so it is at a much fast pace, which doesn't leave much time for anything else. I've been busy making handmade books, altered books and learning book stitches and folds. Here are a few samples of some of my projects. I may offer them up for sale once the class is over at the end of August. If your interested send me an email.

Frida Book, includes a Frida quote and several of my Frida portraits.

This is a book made from leather for the cover, with chinese stitch and it has several canvas pages each with a different dress, hand painted on both sides of each page.
This was the hardest one for me so far. A flag book, filled with images from home since Tim has left. I made it for him so that when he returns he'll be able to see some of things that have changed or things that he missed while he was gone. (not for sale)

This is a small one page wonder book, a memory book about Paris. (not for sale)

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BG said...

These are very nice, Toni.
I bet there so much fun to work on! I like the Frida one. I like how it looks that you've used fabric.

Take care!