Wednesday, October 26, 2005

fig memories

Yesterday I ate a fig. One of the fellows here at the university has a garden that just produced an enormous amount of fruit, cucumbers, heirloom tomates and all these great tastey veggies from his garden. I couldn't resist the figs. All it took was a bite and the scent of the fig to take me back to my childhood. Growing up in Redwood City we had a huge fig tree in our backyard. My dad always had something growing. He used to grow corn, sunflowers, cucumber and sandias. Of course there were always radishes and cilantro nearby too. I remember eating figs and being amazed at the inside full of seeds and this weird texture. I used to think that the I would grow a fig tree in my stomach because of the all of the seeds that were being implanted with each bite. Silly kid I was to think that. Its amazing to me how such a small thing like a fig can bring back so many wonderful childhood memories. I've been wanting to start a new blog with short stories of childhood recollections. Maybe this little fig will start me on my journey to past.