Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Luis Miguel...oh my!

Finally a little break ! niece Cristina and I are going to the Luis Miguel concert tonight... I can't wait...I've been following him since he was a little guy...I guess I was a little girl when I first saw him on the old "Siempre en Domingo" show when he used to sing and strut his stuff...singing with Lucero. This was way back when Ricky Martin was still a part of Menudo... I was a Menudo fan too...remember that song "sube te a mi moto..!" Anyways...I am finally going to see him live and in person.....siggghhhh... no I won't be tossing my chones his way but I will blow him a kiss or two. ;0

My favorite Luis Miguel song is the remake of "Sabor a mi" from his Boleros favoritos CD and I love his "Romances" CD too.

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