Saturday, August 06, 2005

Catching up with the blog on the home front

Eri and Emi went to camp and are back already! They refused to show me the dance steps they learned.

Sarah started Spanish Immersion (kinder), first day quote to remember: Me: So how was your first day? Sarah: "my brain hurts, I don't want to talk about it" She has since warmed up to it and has been singing buenos dias, buenos dias ...como estas, como estas in the shower.

Ms. Mimi ate all the leather belts in the house. oops!

Ms. L graduated, poor "boy" will be lost without her next year. The joys of un adolocente enamorado.

Yo le digo "guarda tu corazon, hijo" he says. ... I know mom, I know.


BG said...

I love the pictures :D
I'm glad you're enjoying all that's happening in your life. I also like the new template in your blog a lot...
I don't think bloggerias is a word... then again... "blog" wasn't a word until not too long ago. Bloggerias sounds kinda like "niƱerias"

I don't know... in Spanglish, there seem to be no rules :P
Like last night, I was watchando una movie while I was pintando for una amiga of mine on the kitchen mesa. :P :P

Crafty Chica said...

your family is adorable!!!!