Monday, May 02, 2005

Salvadoran Hillside

New painting..."Salvadoran Hillside". This one came from me wanting to feel at peace. Sometimes I paint with so much color that after a while I need to paint something like this to cleanse my palette. There is still alot of intense color but there is something very peaceful, bucolic and serene about this painting. I guess it's my spirit wanting peace in my hectic life. It is just a crazy time right now. Between, work, kids, family and everything else that goes on in a normal life...sometimes I just need a break. Tonight this was my break. I think I may put this in my office to remind me to slow down and just enjoy the peacefulness of this green hillside. My visual escape. The painting wraps around the sides, 8x10 inches on canvas. Posted by Hello

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BG said...

I love this one :)