Friday, August 20, 2004

What was that about? Manolo Blahnick shoes?

Posted by HelloNot sure why am posting this, but I woke up this morning thinking about Manolo Blahnick shoes.. don't ask me why... just did. Maybe it was that last shoe episode? Who knows. Anyways I would really like a pair. Not this jungle one with berries... maybe just a nice black pump. I like the way Manolo sounds. (mental note... must name next male child - "Manolo") Manolo reminds me of the cuban guy from the movie ScarFace. I am rambling.. must move on.

I just had a birthday yesterday and am feeling very "seasoned" (better than saying I feel old). (By the way Tim if you read this.. thanks for the beautiful roses, you're awesome!) To celebrate I was going to go rollerskating at the rink with family and friends but turned out the rink was closed about a year ago. (It was bought out by some internet company, who will more than likely disappear in a year... unless they are a part of Google who is making a killing this week!) Can't believe I interviewed with them when there was only 15 people there! yesterday's offering would have been a nice B-day present.

I was planning to have a coming of age party! since I didn't get the quicenera at 15. I thought I would treat myself to tiarra and a pink tutu and just have fun.. but sadly the plans were cancelled (at least for this weekend). But I do hope to do it soon, even if it's just to be able to say that I can stay on skates, the old fashion kind and grove to "Ladies Night" or "Boogie Wonderland" by the Elements.

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