Thursday, August 05, 2004

Things kids say....

I don't write too much about the kids in this blog. But being that they are a "grande" piece of my life I should. Timmy Jr. is 15, Erika is 12 and Sarah is 4. They are gifts from heaven that I love dearly. But like all moms I have my moments when I really want to scream. I think I may post snippets of our conversations so that you have an idea of what I am talking about.
Me: (as I walk into the house after fighting traffic, picking up Sarah, doing groceries, filling my gas tank because it's running on fumes) Hi guys how was your day?
Timmy: hmmm....what?
Erika: mom can we go the mall? (not hi mom how was your day?)
Timmy: what's for dinner? (I've only just walked in, haven't even put my purse down and he wants to know whats for dinner)
Erika: so mom do you think we can go to the mall?
Me: Erika, not today... maybe on the weekend.
Erika: but mom I really really, REALLY need to get my school starts in a month and I haven't even bought one thing. If you don't want me to wear tight jeans then you "have to" take me to the mall...
Timmy: so how long will it take for dinner to be ready? I'm starving.
Me: ... in about 30 minutes Timmy... if you can't wait have a banana.
Timmy: don't want a banana.. can I have cereal?
Me: no, no cereal.
Erika: mom caaaan weeee?
Sarah: mom, mom, mom, mom, mom (to the tune of jingle bells)
Me:Erika take Sarah to the bathroom before she pees her pants.
Erika: aaarrrgghh
Timmy: mom can I drive?
Sarah: (from the bathroom) moooooom! I'm finished
Me: no
Timmy: mom can I drive? just in the parking lot at the bank (auntie Missy let me do it?) why can't you?
Me: I'm not auntie Missy and NOT till your 16
Sarah: mom, mom, mmmoooooommmmm
Timmy: pllleeeassse mom can I?
Erika: (from her room) Mmmooommmm Sarah's calling you!
Big Tim: Will you guys please leave your mother alone and let her make dinner.
Big Tim: So.. babe... what's for dinner?

And then we repeat this same thing the next day unless of course I order pizza and life is just a little easier! Posted by Hello

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BG said...

That's just too funny!!! I bet my mom would be like "hey, shut up, you ARE (note: not "used to be") just like that!!!"
Moms are awesome!