Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Sofrito For Your Soul!

Sofrito For Your Soul! I finished the painting finally after trying to figure out what all to put in this giant Pan-Latino melting pot. This has been such a fun painting to do. I did research on the different Taino indian symbols, sun and moon and just different things to make this the perfect Latino melting pot. I did this work for Sofritoforyoursoul.com an all things latino website run by latinos and founder "el renacido" George. He recently did a feature on Sandiafria.com an this is my way of saying "Gracias". Please visit his website and all the different links, vendors, services available from his site.

The Sofrito for your soul
painting recipe includes:

Taino indian symbols (how many can you find?)
Aztec head figure with feather headress
Mexican eagle with snake
A sandia/Watermelon (couldn't leave that out)
A pina (pineapple)
Some platanos (fruit from the tropics)
vejigante masks of Puerto Rico
guitar and maracas (music)
soccer ball (sports)
sun and the moon,
night and day
winding vines to carry you through the painting (also symbolic of earth, life, growth)
melting pot on top mexican kitchen stove setting w/tile inlays
onion ...a major ingredient of true sofrito
last but not least sofrito for your soul banner