Saturday, August 21, 2004

New additions the Sandiafria guest gallery!

I am so excited to have found some awesome Latina women for the Guest Gallery. I started the guest gallery with Maria Lopez, incredibly talented artist, mujer, mother and friend.

Then I met Lucy Marino who has become my very dear friend, an inspiration, and great lady just to hang out with and bounce ideas off of. Both hers and mine.

The newest additions are Corry Perez from the Central California Valley. Also a student, mother, working and creative artist. I love her use of color... her paintings radiate energy and are so vibrant.

New also this week is Priscilla Saralegui-Torres, "Cilla"...from New York. She has a passion for life that comes through her artwork, and her website.

Please join me in welcoming them all to and more importantly support them in their artistic journey!

Cheers to all of you talented ladies and reach for the stars!

Keep on creating.

- Maria

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