Sunday, August 15, 2004

It's a beautiful Sunday morning in the Bay Area. I just got back from walking Millie along the levy. She loves walking there... she can hunt out all the ferrule cats that live among the rocks. I'm feeling a little wiped out after yesterday (I thing I pulled my hamstring?). Tim and I went to Denise's wedding in the city. It was so beautiful..the ceremony was in Grace Cathedral and the reception at St. Francis. The only bad thing was my new heels were too big and kept slipping off. Pretty embarrassing trying to go up all those stairs. Then to make things worse I had to stuff tissue in the toe part thinking that would help, but instead my toes got smushed and instead of walking like a normal person I was dragging my feet. Yeah graceful butterfly image. NOT... I'm glad that shoe episode is over. Next time I buy heels, I'll have to remember to try the shoes on instead of just buying my size.


I love the sites and buzz of the city, it was great to see family and friends again. I wish I could paint today (although I did do a mini painting Friday night that I have yet to post)... But mom duties are calling today. I am driving Erika to Camp Jones Gulch. This is her 3rd year, she's been counting the days and today the minutes. I love the drive up Woodside Rd past La Honda and into Memorial Park area. There's nothing like the redwoods. I grew up going to Jones Gulch where, I kissed a banana slug (there's a whole other story in that...Maybe later I'll share my love affair with those slimmy things), hiked many trails and pastures, explored creeks and marshlands, even stole a pebble from Pebble Beach one year. The next year I took it back because I felt so guilty about taking it the year before. All of these things nurtured my love of nature. The desire to be a naturalist has always stayed with me. I guess that's why I am always puttering around in the dirt in my garden. I'm looking forward to the drive...Maybe I'll stop and take pictures and post later.... Well mom duties call. I have to go and check how her packing is coming along. Posted by Hello

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