Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Yes another Frida...perhaps she's just been presented to an audience and instead of smiling she lifts a brow because, she can see Diego flirting with another woman a the back of the theatre. 
 (This is only my idea of what she could be thinking...I love how art is open to the interpretation of the person viewing the work. And different people see different things happening in a painting.) I'm not so sure about giving it up so easily on Ebay yet. I think I'll live with it for a while... or maybe not?...aaaargghh I hate not being able to make up my mind when it comes to letting go. I guess I could let it go and just do another I don't think I'll ever stop painting Fridas.

UPDATE... I just listed her. I guess this means I'll have to do another.

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BG said...

I love it.
I have great passion for Frida's work too.

BG said...

Do you have a speciall gallery for all your Fridas?!
I've looked around your blog and I like all the ones I found.
By the way, I found out about your site for my cousing, karlisima.
I really like all your work!

Maria S. said...

Hi yes I do the Frida Gallery is in my gallery at www.sandiafria.com, just click on Gallery page and you will the the "Frida eyes" gallery.

BG said...

I'll go check it out right away!