Monday, July 26, 2004

On my work.

Like my house my office space is also always evolving...

What's on my desk today...

a red flowering lily thing growing out of a lava rock surrounded by black river stones (a gift to myself back in March that I spent a fortune on, only to find out Trader Joes had them for $10),
a blue african violet that Joy gave me, (I actually don't know if it's blue since I've never seen it in bloom)
a live sprig of choleus that Lynn gave me, (sitting water filled glass vase with more black river rocks) 
a non flowering orchid that Celeste gave, (I guess my love for gardening has creeped into my office, or my office has become the land of misfit plants... no longer blooming for their previous owners and I am giving them that final chance to bloom, or it's off to the compost pile or Lynns worm farm ... do worms eat plants?)  
a sandia painted egg from my Casa Collection... I love it, the red inspires me and reminds me of my other life as an artist. 
a mini trinket box from Las Palmas my dad brought back from El Salvador. (reminds me of my roots) 

Taped to my computer screen ...
postcards from last year's anniversary trip to Carmel, (boy I could really use a Carmel weekend again (Tim hint, hint if you are reading this).  ;)
a strawberry sticker Sarah gave me (Sarah loves stawberries)
a Mexican Olinala wooden  box I keep my pens in (I bought it on ebay) 
a sticky note with important numbers, Tim, David (my boss), John(my other boss), kids cell phone#'s.

Pretty exciting stuff ya think? (insert cricket sounds here) yeah ...okay that's my cue time to go go home.  Is anybody reading this or I am writing to myself? Because if I am that's okay too.  

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