Saturday, July 17, 2004

Just in case anyone is curious here is a picture of Japanese artist Yasumasa Morimura as Frida Kahlo Widely known as the artist who transforms himself into the Mona Lisa and movie actresses. Yasumasa Morimura in 2001 created a work that payed homage to Frida.
The exhibition named "An Inner Dialogue with Frida Kahlo" is the crystallization of a project that took him 10 years to complete. Inspired by her way of life, Morimura becomes Frida Kahlo in this exhibition to reveal her world of joy, suffering, and mental and physical pain, and to seek a process by which healing may occur. In the words of Morimura himself, Frida's art is a "fierce and intense manifestation of human sentiments and universal themes, such as joy, anger, sorrow, happiness, beauty, life, and love." 

image: ©Hara Museum of Contemporary Art 

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