Saturday, July 10, 2004

I was up last night painting and this was the end result. I am such a Frida fan and have been on a Frida painting frenzy lately. So I painted her as a doll, holding an ornate fan and a white dove on her shoulder. Kind of silly, but fun none the less. Frida has for the most part has alway been portrayed as a very dark figure, maybe because her artwork reflected her personal pain. I prefer to paint her in a friendlier light and even with a smile. Something that she did not do much in real life. I think I may to do one a little larger next time. But the minis are so fun, I can finish a painting in a few hours instead of weeks. I put her on Ebay, let's see how she does. Ebay is still a new venue for me, but I am going to give it a chance. It also allows more people to come into contact with my artwork and website. Now I am off to work in the yard... to pull weeds and if can find batteries for the camera, take some pictures of the flowers that are in bloom.  Posted by Hello

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