Friday, June 18, 2004

Today I spent the entire day in San Francisco. As I got off the bart train a man serenaded me in Spanish with his guitar as I walked past. I visited the Mission Cultural Center at 24th/Mission the heart of the Latino community in the city. It was bustling with people selling their wares and people going places, sounds of salsa musica, babies crying and the aroma of carne asada and pupusas. Next time I'll have to stop and get pupusas from La Santaneca. I met with the MCC gallery coordinator Patricia. She gave me some really good advice and was so gracious. I'll be setting up a table at their holiday bazaar on Dec 11th. (If you happen to in be the city stop by)After meeting with Patricia, I headed off to the Academy, but first stopped by a few other galleries including one called Gallery 444, which now I don't remember if it was on Post or Sutter. (too many street names to remember) well they were displaying artwork for this peruvian artist that I absolutely fell in love with.
I also had a chance to get up to the Academy of Art University and register for fall classes. I changed my major to Fine Art. I'm letting go of the Interior Architecture for now. I feel much better having followed my passion for painting and sticking with Fine Art. I figure I can always come back to ID later. Above is a picture I drew last semester for Conceptual Design class. The theme was spring so I sketched a plan for this chair that I built and it now sits in my daughter's room. It turned out more like a princess chair then a spring chair. Conceptual design was one of my favorite classes at the Academy. I'm really looking forward to new classes this fall. Here's to a relaxing summer before all the crazyness starts...  Posted by Hello

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