Monday, May 24, 2004

Wow what a whirl wind these past few weeks have been. I've finished 2 more paintings Friducha and Frida as Chispa Carrier. I met Isabelle Allende at a Humanities event at Stanford. (I am still star struck after that) Ebay has been a new experience as well. It's really scary at first but now I feel like a pro. Oh yeah.. I have also started working on a children's book. I'm calling it "Donde esta Sarah?" Sarah is the little girl you see hinding in most of my paintings. She is my 3 year old daughter and my muse (my inspiration). I see alot of myself in Sarah. The book will be a long project but I will post updates on it periodically.

Putting my artwork out has been a very cool thing for me. I've learned to share a part of myself that was hidden and it's been a very liberating experience so far. Meeting and talking with other artist has been a great too. I learn so much from them.

I haven't been writing much in the blog pages simply because I haven't had the time. Now with summer rolling in and things quieting down a little on the school front I hope to write much more.

Saludos, Hasta la proxima!

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