Monday, May 24, 2004

What is a Chispa Carrier?

First of all a "Chispa" is a spark. A chispa for me represents a creative idea. Something that I want to explore further and either paint or create something from it. Creativity is a gift from God and I am grateful for it. The one gift that I don't have is the gift of a good memory so to help me along the way, I painted Frida as my "Chispa Carrier".

Symbolic of a strong woman carrying a heavy load of Chispas. She will serve as a reminder for me that those ideas are not forgotten and readily available for me when ever I need them.

Frida lived such a tumultuous life, ie.miscarriages, heartache and physical pain. I have a lot of respect for her as a woman, an artist and for the cultural icon she has become.

I will be putting the Chispa Carrier on paper mache boxes. (To serve as a place to put creative ideas and not forget them.) Cards, prints and magnets will also be available.

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